Advisory on Exchange controls matters

Advisory on Exchange controls matters

Colombia has been increased the flow of Foreign investment, reason why Colombian Central Bank and the Colombian Tax and Customs Organization (DIAN) has strenghen the controls over foreign exchange operations. Considering these matters G&D CONSULTING GROUP offers the service on Advisory on Exchange controls matters, our purpose is to guide our customers with the compliances in context of foreign exchange regulations.
We know that corporates and investors required to keep a check on reporting and compliance with regard to exchange regulations, so as to avoid penalties under Central Bank and DIAN regulations, reason we offer:

  • Regular compliance under Foreign Exchange Regulations.
  • Audit of foreign exchange forms presented before Colombian Central Bank and DIAN.
  • Assistance in obtaining approvals from Colombian Central Bank depending on requisitions under exchange control regulations.
  • Advisory and certification under inbound and outbound investments, Export and Import transactions.
  • Assistance in setting up/closure of Liaison Office, Branch Office, Project office and wholly owned subsidiary in Bogota under Colombian Central Bank, the Colombian Tax and Customs Organization (DIAN) and Company law.
  • Exchange legal concepts related to transactions that are compulsory to be channeled before the foreign exchange market.
  • Foreign exchange advice in case of foreign investment or business reorganizations.
  • Counseling in the response to processes related to possible exchange infractions advanced by the DIAN or the Superintendence of Companies.
  • Due diligence processes in exchange matters.
  • Advice and legal representation in litigious processes in administrative or judicial headquarters (courts or administrative courts or before the Council of State).
  • Advice on exchange planning strategies, within the current legal framework.

Our firm offers an integral portfolio of services, with which professional and specialized accompaniment is provided in foreign exchange matters, which allows identifying possible contingencies in relation to the fulfillment of exchange obligations and which facilitates knowledge of the exchange regime.

In Colombia, foreign exchange operations are regulated by Colombian Central Bank. For more information, please see: http/

Our headquarters in Bogota are really convenient for those companies that currently are processing frequently transactions because main banks offices are located in the city, plus the biggest customer service center of Central Bank is also in Bogotá, thereby requisitions can be satisfy faster.

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