Statutory Auditors and Fiscal reviwer

Statutory Auditors and Fiscal reviwer

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Fiscal reviwer and Statutory Auditors 

The Fiscal audit or statutory audit was established in Colombia in the middle of comercial and financial development of mid-nineteenth century, was regulated by law 73 of 1935 and assigned to the CPA as custodial function by Decree 2373 of 1956.

Our fiscal auditors in Bogota, are aware of the social and corporate responsibility, as well as the support of our organization, we provide an ideal team of professionals able to hold office as Statutory Auditors, in its organization, under our strict control and surveillance.
Considering the verification of compliance with the legal and statutory obligations, truthfulness in financial statements, internal control, risk assessment and review process.

As Fiscal reviewer auditors in Colombia, we shall comply with:
• Conduct periodic reports on how the organization is functioning
• Report how the controls worked
• Identify if managers comply with their legal and statutory duties
• Review whether the financial statements present fairly the financial position of the entity and its financial results.

Being so, the activities in the service of a statutory auditor are:
1. Financial Audit.
2. Compliance Audit.
3. Audit of Internal Control
4. General audit.

All the above activities are a function of our Fiscal reviewers and auditing services, where our employees communicate in comprehensive way the progress of your company, thus ensuring the interests of members and accionanistas, the board and employees of the undertaking to take action for the improvement of the activities of the company.