Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory | Colombia | Bogota

We know that taxes are likely to restrict the operation of your business, we understand that monitoring and timely submission of information will lead to have profitable benefits for your business, this said we provide a full range of tax and compliance services. Through our skills, experience and industry knowledge, we offer advisory on: 

  • Preparation and final approval of tax

  • Preparation of corporate and fiduciary returns

  • State and International Tax Compliance

  • Colombia tax return and information reporting for local entities

  • Presentation to the appropriate authorities (DIAN)

  • Managing taxes on behalf of customers

  • Management issues, notices or assessments made ​​by the tax agencies

Also, our tax advisory service do we include tax issues related to corporate sales taxes and indirect taxes, such as:

  •      Income tax
  •      Sales Tax (VAT)/(IVA)
  •      Tax of Industry and Commerce (ICA)
  •      Tax Planning

We conduct the defense of your taxes, in the face of national taxes bureau (DIAN), administrative courts and state board (CS).